Learn Spanish through play, singing, drawing, role play and much more!

Learn Spanish Have Fun!

Would you like your child to learn Spanish in a relaxed and unique way?
Children pick up Spanish effortlessly with these varied and fun lesson activities:

Children are encouraged to design their own brightly coloured resources – we use lots of arts and crafts, colouring in, flash cards, worksheets, diagrams and writing on the board to learn Spanish vocabulary – every lesson is different and the children are always busy!
“All activities are child-led and I encourage the children to talk about what they’ve learned.”
Singing Songs
Singing Songs
The children have so much fun learning and singing new songs.
We start with traditional and popular English nursery rhymes, learning the Spanish words.
Then we progress to more traditional and complex Spanish music (depending on the age of the group).
“I am regularly stopped in the street by parents, telling me their children are always singing in Spanish!”
We use familiar stories and books that link with the current teaching topic.
For example when we are learning to count in Spanish we use our Spanish version of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.
The children enjoy seeing their favourite books written in Spanish e.g. Zog by Julia Donaldson, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
“I love to hear the children predicting the translations in their favourite books.”
We love a good party at habloyhablo, which is why we make sure to celebrate each holiday and season. The children learn festive songs and sayings in Spanish (e.g. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas) and learn how to talk about the weather and seasons. At Halloween we learned the parts of the body whilst eating a chocolate ‘spooky’ skeleton!
“I have to laugh each year when children shout ‘Feliz Navidad (Happy Christmas) Antonia!’ at me in the supermarket!”
Each term we explore Spanish vocabulary, society and culture using traditional Spanish food and role-play.
The children love playing restaurants and shops, and of course they get stuck in tasting all the fresh, bright and tasty Spanish produce!
“Some Children can be nervous of trying new foods at home, but they are always really adventurous in my Spanish Lessons which is brilliant to see!”


Is habloyhablo teaching Spanish at Your Child's School?

Exeter Road Community Primary School
Exeter Road Community Primary School
Spanish Lessons in KS2 (whole class lessons)
“It has been amazing to see and hear, with just half an hour’s lesson a week, how far the children and staff have progressed in Spanish in one term. This is due to Antonia’s friendly and fun approach to teaching and the good relationships that she has developed with the children. Antonia Burrows is fantástica!” Paul Gosling, Headteacher
Withycombe Raleigh Primary School
Withycombe Raleigh Primary School
Spanish Lessons in KS1 (small group lessons) and KS2 (whole class lessons)
“I have been impressed by the high engagement of children and how quickly the children have adapted to speaking in Spanish. Antonia’s dynamic and enthusiastic approach in helping children feel confident has impressed us all.” Steve Powley, Headteacher
Carousel Day Nursery Budleigh Salterton
Carousel Day Nursery Budleigh Salterton
Spanish Lessons and Songs with All Children!
“Antonia is a natural in what she does! She possesses a great personality and her love of children and teaching shines through. The children love when she is singing or retells a story in Spanish, or just chats to them in Spanish when playing with play dough.” Sarka Andersonova, Carousel Childcare
St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
Spanish Lessons as an after school club, from Foundation to Year 6.


runs small private group lessons after school in Exmouth, Exeter and surrounding areas.
My pupils meet children from other schools, and become great friends and have lots of fun together learning Spanish!

If you are interested in after school lessons for your child, please get in touch!

About habloyhablo

Spanish Tuition in Exmouth, Exeter and surrounding areas
with Native Spanish Speaker Antonia Burrows.

Learn Spanish through FUN!

"My greatest pleasure is to hear my students' accents. It is amazing!"

Hola! My name is Antonia and I am a busy mum of two bilingual children in Exeter, Devon.
I am originally from beautiful Mallorca and moved to the UK in 1997.

I started habloyhablo because my friends were so impressed with my bilingual girls - they wanted me to teach their children Spanish too! After being continually asked I realised there was a niche and so habloyhablo was born in 2014 - where I delivered small private group lessons after school - and grew from there!

I now teach in three local Exmouth Schools, and I run private lessons in Exmouth and Exeter. I am grateful to the community for accepting my business, which is going from strength to strength.

For me, it is a dream to be making such a positive contribution to the childrens' confidence in learning a second language, and to inspire them to embrace a different culture.

In addition to this, the advantage I have come to notice is how closely the children are able to mimic the native pronunciation and intonation of a new language - making it even easier for them to learn.

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